TEDx Speaker coaching

I was honored to speak at the inaugural TEDx Ashburn event.

Coaching services range from "tweaking" an existing talk for a scheduled appearance, all the way to navigating the 

process of landing a spot on the TEDx stage. 

Please contact Kerry for a complimentary phone call to assess your needs and discuss coaching options.


What our clients say:


I had the most amazing TEDx experience after being chosen as a speaker. I was assigned Kerry Thomas as my speaking coach. During the initial coaching session Kerry was able to guide me in focusing my talk to better connect with my intended audience and support me in overcoming my fears of speaking on camera with a message that literally reach the world. After our first session I made quite a few changes to the content and flow. Her tips were invaluable and made the difference. She also shared advice to ensure my talk was compliant and would be accepted by TED.  Once the talk was final Kerry supported me with a method to memorize the talk which worked even though I was extremely nervous. She even attended the talk to for moral support. As I began I saw her in the audience smiling....I knew I could get through it. Thanks Kerry for your hands on approach to coaching. 


Cheryl Santiago, CEO & Founder of Get Hired Coach



Cheryl Santiago

CEO & Founder
Get Hired Coach, Inc.
TEDx Speaker

mobile: 240-544-7363

email: cherylsantiago@gethiredcoach.com

website: www.gethiredcoach.com

Instagram: gethiredcoach
Twitter: gethiredcoach


Yesterday I saw your talk on Facebook and took a few minutes to watch.  Afterwards, I unsubscribed to a slew of emails, and organized my iPad.  I am extremely organized in my home and car but that little reminder got me going on an area that I have been procrastinating on! 

—  Chrissy D., Leesburg

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